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Attacking the status quo

We make the difference. Menzing produces its machines differently than regular OEM’s. We adhere to a philosophy in which we want to design and assemble products, but, expressly, don’t want to produce them ourselves.

This takes place through a network of reliable suppliers. In this way, Menzing can significantly shorten the “time to market”, reduce the end cost by more than twenty percent, and increase the delivery reliability to almost a hundred percent. The OEM market has stood still. Menzing is showing that with an intelligent approach, better results can be achieved. Meet machinery production 2.0.

Attacking the status quo

Your goals our solutions

I need to develop a product fast

Menzing is capable of drastically shortening the time to market. A throughput time of only six months is not an exception. This is possible because Menzing has highly experienced designers who work with advanced systems and tried-and-tested methods.

Your goals our solutions

I have to cut the costs of our technical department

Product development is a specialisation which few companies should have to do themselves. For this, they simply develop too few machines. It is not their core business.

Your goals our solutions

I need to find a reliable manufacturer

We see how in the supply of machines the reliability is often under pressure. These are limited to the flexibility of an OEM, and the vulnerability is also significant in the event of incidents. Think of a fire or a strike.

Your goals our solutions

I want to decrease the level of dependency

The production method that Menzing utilises seems to have the guarantee of decreasing the dependency on your supplier, since through Menzing, you work together with a broad network of suppliers, whereby for each module in your machine there are at least two suppliers available.

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Technology & Competences

Menzing is a knowledge-intensive company. Both in the design phase and the production phase, Menzing employs tried-and-tested techniques to move towards the series production quickly and faultlessly. In this, it has built an impressive track record.
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Products & INdustries

State of the art technology

Due to the fact that Menzing is continuously ahead of the game in the application of new techniques, you don’t need to be. You can rely on the expertise of Menzing in the inventorying and assessment of the latest techniques, because not everything that is new automatically constitutes an improvement. Menzing carefully considers options, in which price, sustainability, and reliability are all important factors of consideration.

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