Solve OEM deliverability issues

The market is continuously confronted with the delivery reliability of the OEM. On the one hand, this is because there is an enormous lack of flexibility in the sector, which is fed by resources that are, by definition, limited. On top of that, schedules are rarely met. Planners in the OEM who feel the pressure to heighten delivery reliability will often have the urge to add more “safety time” to their planning. This, however, is a pitfall that sets a negative spiral in motion.

Expanding the throughput-time parameters in the system by introducing a safety time causes many orders to be released ahead of time, resulting in intermediate supplies in the workplace. Larger intermediate supplies effectively lead to longer throughput times in the workplace. Because the throughput times are extended, there are rush orders, which people are forced to prioritise over standard orders.

As a result, the normal orders slow down further, and the throughput time of these normal orders increases. The longer throughput times subsequently force the schedulers to plan further into the future, leading to further inaccuracies in the planning, which in turn, pressurises the delivery reliability. This, in turn, leads to the urge to further increase the safety times, thus completing the vicious cycle.

Menzing is familiar with these problems, but not from its own daily practice. The company has organised its working activities entirely differently. It works with machine construction that consists solely of assembly. This takes place in its production facility in the Czech Republic. The assembly requires few technical skills, and can therefore effortlessly be scaled up from an enormous labour pool of technically well-educated labourers. These labourers are capable of working with modules or parts that have been produced by highly-specialised companies at other locations.

The pillar of Menzing’s successful system is its design strategy, whereby complex machines are constructed through modules, and there is an ongoing search for the standard. We do not shy away from the standard. We do not look for distinction under the hood of the motor, but rather in the outer design, which always adheres to the customer’s corporate guiding principles. On top of that, a strong network of suppliers and a sophisticated logistical system are other important pillars of our success.

Precisely because Menzing’s customers often generate their income from the consumables that are produced around the machines, rather than from the machines themselves, delivery reliability is an issue that has more significance than solely the revenue produced by these machines. Menzing realises this and has furnished its production in such a way that it can always deliver. Machines, parts, manuals, and attention; these are what make Menzing the number-one choice for entrepreneurial companies looking for freedom.

Solve OEM deliverability issues

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