I want to decrease the level of dependency

The production method that Menzing utilises seems to have the guarantee of decreasing the dependency on your supplier, since through Menzing, you work together with a broad network of suppliers, whereby for each module in your machine there are at least two suppliers available.

Of course, we have to make sure that you don’t subsequently become dependent on Menzing. We understand this. This is why we carefully document our cooperation, as a result of which we can guarantee that, even in the event of calamities, with the mediation of a notary, this entire network can also be handed over to you or another third party. In daily practice, you mostly notice that, as a result of a high degree of independence from suppliers, you experience optimal flexibility. And, even in the most extreme instances, when Menzing itself is incapable of delivering, you are ensured of continuity due to the fact that – if required – Menzing can make its entire network and design available to a notary.

I want to decrease the level of dependency

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