Serial production at Menzing

At Menzing, serial production is central. Thanks to years of experience and a focus on modular designs, Menzing provides efficient, sustainable, and customer-specific solutions. Our approach ensures flexibility and quality, suitable for various industries. Menzing is very flexible and does everything to help customers with their issues. Depending on the type and kind of product, much is possible. Questions about quantities or want to know more? Contact us!

Why Menzing?

Optimized workflows

In the production process, optimized workflows are applied, where the production process is tailored for efficiency and quality control. This involves using standardized processes and work instructions to ensure consistency and reliability.

Cost control

Serial production at Menzing focuses on minimizing production costs per unit by focusing on repeatability and efficiency. This pursuit of efficiency results not only in lower labor costs but also in savings on materials and energy.

Purchasing volume

Menzing manufactures large quantities of identical or very similar products at once. This allows the manufacturer to take advantage of economies of scale, for lower costs per unit. By producing on a large scale, not only is cost efficiency promoted, but a consistent and reliable supply of raw materials is also ensured.


Quality is ensured through supplier audits. Through regular evaluations and assessments of suppliers, Menzing ensures that the quality of purchased materials and components meets the set standards. This contributes to the consistency and reliability of the end product in Menzing’s serial production.

Menzing truly relieves you, from contact with suppliers to the entire production chain. This allows you to focus on your business.

The serial production proces

The serial production process begins with the procurement of materials and components. This includes identifying, selecting, and globally purchasing the necessary materials, depending on the most cost-effective and high-quality sources. Then, reliable and efficient logistics are essential to move materials in a timely and cost-effective manner to the production location and to distribute finished products to distribution centers, retailers, or end users, considering various transportation methods.

Storage and inventory management play a crucial role in the management of raw materials, components, and finished products, with Just-in-time-plus (JIT-Plus) inventory management practices to minimize excess inventory. The production process itself uses automated production lines and standardized processes to increase efficiency, while built-in quality control ensures that products meet established standards and specifications throughout the production process.

After production, the distribution of finished products to distribution centers, wholesalers, retailers, or directly to end users follows. Effective supply chain management, supported by advanced technologies such as ERP systems and SCM software, is crucial to minimize costs, shorten lead times, and optimize the overall efficiency of serial production.

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