Many of the cleaning agents that are used professionally are used in combination with a machine. Think, for example, of ultrasonic cleaning baths. Menzing knows the cleansing market like no other and knows how crucial the maintainability of machines is in this sector.

Maintenance and small repairs must be able to be conducted quickly and on-site. This is taken into consideration by Menzing in the design phase. Parts that are vulnerable to wear and tear are easily accessible and replaceable.

In this market, there is also a sharp focus on the total costs of ownership. In particular, due to the fact that the machines increasingly remain the property of the company supplying the cleaning agents. They are responsible for the 100-percent availability of the machines, and to achieve this, lean heavily on the design qualities and the qualities of Menzing’s suppliers. Parts are of the highest quality and those parts that are vulnerable to wear and tear are kept in stock by Menzing and can be ordered around the clock.

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