In the coming years, the worldwide market for automotive suppliers will double. In 2022, the market will represent a global value of €2 trillion. The strong growth of the market in Asia, the rising demand for smaller-sized cars, and the presence of new technologies, are the most important reasons for this growth.

Where markets are growing this explosively, various parties want to latch on, and more importantly, realise a short time to market. That’s possible. Menzing has entirely set up its organisation to achieve extremely short throughput times between the first conceptualisation and the first serial production.

In many instances, deliveries can take place within half a year, which, in practice, means that sales can start almost immediately. This is unique and can be realised due to the fact that, from the first moment onwards, two paths are travelled simultaneously. On the one hand, specialists in the region get to work on a prototype for testing on the basis of the design we have developed. On the other hand, Menzing’s specialists start scouring the market for suppliers who can deliver modules for the serial production. This mode of parallel development, whereby Menzing’s employees in the Netherlands focus on this trajectory, while the assembly takes places in the Czech Republic, pays dividends.

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