The arable farming market and livestock farming market are rapidly developing. There is also a need for this. Judging by current statistics, the world’s population will expand by another 70 percent before 2050, and this growing population can only be fed by improving the efficiency of these markets.

Particularly where the urgency is great, Menzing is the ideal party for machine development. Menzing makes innovation possible by developing faster and at a lower cost than the OEM market. Growth is the key word in the agriculture sector. Menzing can ensure that your organisation is included in that growth.

The trends in the agricultural sector are clear. Many prices of end products are currently under pressure, which means investments must be looked at critically. People are demanding more automation, efficiency, and user-friendliness, and looking for alignment with communication networks. These are the demands coming from the sector. Menzing would like to hear what your demands are, so that together, we can arrive at the design of a machine that will strengthen your position in the market.

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