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When you search for a specialist

Menzing sometimes appears to be a generalist. It is active in at least seven markets and realises a wide-ranging spectrum of tailor-made solutions for its business relations. Still, we’d rather call Menzing a specialist, because no other company in Europe is as capable of translating its customer’s demands into designs that are entirely constructed modularly on the basis of technical and sector-related knowledge.

And no other company has such a solid network of suppliers through which it can produce those modules in adherence with very strict quality demands. This is unique, and it is in this that we recognise the specialist. On top of that, Menzing has specialist engineers who assess the latest techniques and can evaluate new suppliers, as well as an assembly company that is entirely focused on the assembly of machinery. A team of specialists.

If you are looking for a specialist, you have found one in Menzing. And the beauty is that that this specialist is also looking for you. Menzing is continuously interested in companies that have ideas for new machines and new markets. It likes nothing more than to converse with other like-minded people and translate ideas into chances, chances into machinery demands, and demands into designs. It wants to share its knowledge.

Menzing is different. Where others invest in a machinery park, company canteens, and production halls, Menzing invests in its people and its business relations. It has an unconventional philosophy, through which it is capable of producing machines that are better in every respect, for customers with vision. We challenge you to test the specialists at Menzing. Allow yourself to be amazed.

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Different industries


Agriculture thumbnail

The arable farming market and livestock farming market are rapidly developing. There is also a need for this. Judging by current statistics, the world’s population will expand by another 70 percent before 2050, and this growing population can only be fed by improving the efficiency of these markets.


Automotive thumbnail

In the coming six years, the worldwide market for automotive suppliers will double. In 2022, the market will represent a global value of €2 trillion. The strong growth of the market in Asia, the rising demand for smaller-sized cars, and the presence of new technologies, are the most important reasons for this growth.


Cleansing thumbnail

Many of the cleaning agents that are used professionally are used in combination with a machine. Think, for example, of ultrasonic cleaning baths. Menzing knows this market like no other and knows how crucial the maintainability of machines is in this sector.


Cooling thumbnail

Cooling techniques and cooling liquids are a field of their own. A field understood by Menzing. In cooling, reliability is essential, because, whether concerning small installations or complicated cooling and freezing installations for the industrial and agricultural sector, there is always a significant risk of decay if any system fails.


Lubrication thumbnail

Lubricants only have value once they’re applied. For this, an oilcan is often not sufficient. For various suppliers in this sector, Menzing has developed tailor-made machines that pump the lubricants around and take them to where they can do their job. Including the couplings to both the engine and the electricity grid.

Paint & Plaster

Plaster thumbnail

Machines in the painting and plaster sector have tough lives. Menzing knows this. Because Menzing does not only excel in product design, production management and assembly, it also knows the markets of all its users unlike any other party in the market.


Energy thumbnail

The energy sector is moving rapidly, and of course, Menzing is following all these movements closely. Worldwide, increasing the sustainability of energy supplies is the highest long-term priority. In the short term, the economy’s dependency on a properly functioning energy supply has become so great that quality controls are consistently increasing.

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