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Privacy Policy

Modulen & Engineering Menzing B.V. located in (7482 GW) Haaksbergen, at the address Handelsstraat 36b, (hereinafter: Menzing) is the controller for processing data as intended and mentioned in this privacy statement. Processing the basis of “Execution of agreement” and/or “Legal obligation”.

Execution of Agreement

Menzing is engaged in marketing serial assembly and related articles through its website. This marketing takes place on the basis of concluded purchase agreements and/or the quotation process preceding it. Also the provision of information by the customer, with the desire to – if possible – come to an agreement, can be included in this process.
In order to process these offers and/or agreements, it is necessary for Menzing to process data. This is done on the basis of “contract performance”.
This data processed in the process may relate to contact, offers/orders and/or companies, but also data on the basis of which individuals can be identified. This may include

  • name and address data,
  • delivery addresses,
  • e-mail addresses,
  • telephone numbers,
  • bank account numbers or payment details;
  • Other data that have to do with entering into or completing an agreement, and which are actively provided by the customer.

Without this information the correct order information cannot be linked to the correct customer (account) and contact information, making it impossible for Menzing to properly fulfill agreements correctly and/or be able to provide the customer with the correct information provided to the customer.

Legal obligation

In addition, it is necessary for Menzing based on the tax administration and retention obligation to store the data belonging to the basic administration (including data regarding the accounts receivable and payable as well as the purchase and sales records) for 7 years. Only by processing the above mentioned data will Menzing consider itself able to comply with the tax obligation.
With regard to both of the above mentioned bases Menzing obtains these data when there is contact sought by a (new) relation, this may or may not be via website, contact form of, or (e-mail) correspondence with Menzing, and data is provided by this relation.
Where necessary, this data will be processed by Menzing.

Processing on the basis of “Consent”.

Marketing communications

Regarding to marketing activities, various parties and/or programs may be used for the purpose of distributing marketing communications, for example for the sending of newsletters and/or promotional gifts. Through these programs and parties data are processed, which may involve data on the basis of which individuals can be identified.
Without the use of these programs, it is not feasible for Menzing to address existing and new customers.
Before recording and processing data for the purpose of these marketing activities consent is requested from the customer.

Cookies and analysis programs

For marketing purposes Menzing may use (the placement of) cookies and programs for the analysis of the obtained (cookie) data. This makes it possible for Menzing to conduct market research to a certain extent.
With analysis programs it is possible to obtain information that could possibly lead to the identification of any (natural) person. For this reason, this data is also under the operation of the AVG.
Information regarding the cookies that are placed by (or on behalf of) Menzing and/or analyzed, and the data that may or may not subsequently be processed, can be found at the bottom of this privacy statement.
The following also applies here: before the registration and processing of data for the purpose of these consent is requested from the customer.
How long are (personal) data kept by Menzing?
According to the Dutch tax law Menzing is obliged to retain data related to bookkeeping for 7 years.
Data obtained through the use of analysis programs will be deleted no later than 50 months after registration. Menzing claims to see this period as reasonable, as this period is necessary in order to be able to follow up on the outcome of market research and adjust the product range and policies accordingly.
At the bottom of this privacy statement is an overview of the used and placed cookies together with the retention period per cookie.
(Personal) data that is not related to one of the above options will be deleted within 6 months after receipt. 6 months after receipt or modified in such a way that the data can no longer be to a specific natural person.

With whom does Menzing share data

For a good service and business Menzing is obliged to involve third parties.

Regarding the service

For the purpose of service provision, the goods ordered through Menzing, directly from its affiliated company in the Czech Republic. With this party in Czech Republic, Menzing shares the data required for the proper processing of the agreement(s). This may include the sharing of personal data. Where necessary, Menzing will enter into a processing agreement.

Regarding the business

The services and products of third parties are used by Menzing. In addition to the use of administration software and an external accountant, a party is engaged that provides services in the area of hosting and maintenance of the website. Internally, Menzing uses software in the field of order/inventory and so on, as well as of programs such as Microsoft Office 365. Certain software is thereby overarching used by Menzing and its affiliated company in the Czech Republic together. These parties have (to a limited extent) access to the data (of relations) of Menzing. With these parties Menzing will enter into a processing agreement when necessary to regulate the protection and use of this data.

Regarding Marketing activities

As previously described, companies and/or cookies and/or programs are deployed by Menzing for the purpose of marketing activities. These parties have already collected data and/or will obtain data after it is used for market research, distribution of newsletters and/or promotional gifts and improvement of website / product range and services. Menzing will enter into processing agreement with these parties, where necessary, to regulate the protection and use of this data.

Other third parties

Without consent of the relation of Menzing, no further data will be shared with other third parties. Only exception is if in case is required to do so under of a legal provision.

Data sharing with parties outside the EU

For the use of programs / parties Menzing seeks advice from third parties, such as an internet marketing agency. If there is a recommendation to process the data outside the EU with a specific party, Menzing will establish a processing agreement with that party.

Security of data

Menzing takes care of organizational and technical measures to secure (personal) data. For example, with the hosting party we will look into security of the data received after using the webshop and we use a good firewall and anti-virus software.

Websites of third parties

This privacy statement does not apply to third-party websites that are through links (or otherwise) connected with Menzing. Menzing cannot guarantee that these parties handle (personal) data in the desired manner. You are advised to check, if desired consult the privacy statement of these third parties to find out how they handle data.

Your rights regarding the processing and protection of personal data

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation you have various rights concerning your personal data. These rights are listed below. If you have a request and/or comment regarding one or more of these rights, please contact Menzing via the contact details below. Menzing using the contact details below. We will process your request within 14 days.
Via the website:
By e-mail:
By phone : 053-3031200
Postal mail : Modulen & Engineering Menzing, Handelsstraat 36 b, 7482 GW, Haaksbergen

Right of inspection

Thus, you have the right to inspect the data that Menzing has available about you.

Right of correction, restriction and deletion

You also have the right to have the data that Menzing has available about you corrected, supplement or delete it in its entirety. With regard to the deletion of data, Menzing must comply with the retention obligation imposed on it pursuant to the Act. Accordingly, Menzing shall not be able to avoid the data that are subject to this retention obligation. All other data (if any) will be deleted from Menzing’s systems upon your express request.
You also have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data. This means That Menzing keeps your data, but no longer uses it. This may occur in several cases. An example is a pending legal process for which you may need the data. If you believe that you have the right to restriction due, you are requested to contact Menzing.

Right to data portability

You also have the right to receive the personal data that Menzing holds about you in a machine-readable format. You may then transfer this data, for example, for preservation or storage or processing in your database or that of a third party.

Right to withdraw consent

You have the right to withdraw the consent you have given to the processing of certain personal data. If you wish to make such a request, you can reach us via 1 of the contact options above.

Complaints & the Personal Data Authority

Menzing likes to hear it when there are complaints regarding the processing and protection of data. You even have the right to file an official complaint about this with Menzing. Also for this you can use the contact details above. Under the privacy law you also have the right to file a complaint with the privacy regulator, the Personal Data Authority. (

Changes to this privacy statement

The content of this statement may change over time. Therefore, Menzing recommends consulting the privacy statement on a regular basis. You can see the date of the last amendment at the top of the statement.


If you have any further questions or comments about the processing or protection of your (personal) data, we are happy to help. Our contact details can be found on this page.