Menzing wants to provide its customers with a smarter, cheaper, and qualitatively better way of developing, producing and maintaining serially produced machines. For this, Menzing acts as a designer and integrator of the various suitable techniques and parts that are brought together into one product. On top of this, Menzing can think beyond borders: all techniques that have proven themselves are employed, and each contractor that has proven that it combines quality with delivery reliability, can become part of the supply chain.

Menzing is different. Consciously different. It provides an alternative for the OEM. Menzing is more sophisticated, provides quicker results, and is often in practice no less than 20% cheaper. We provide a different vision of machinery construction, that is aligned to modern times and will undoubtedly also be a match with your organisation.

Our mission


We have a clear vision on new manufacturing. In our vision document we have explained our ideas on the future of enginering.

Our vision

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How to solve day by day oem deliverability issues

Solve OEM deliverability issues

The market is continuously confronted with the delivery reliability of the OEM. On the one hand, this is because there is an enormous lack of flexibility in the sector, which is fed by resources that are, by definition, limited. On top of that, schedules are rarely met. Planners in the OEM who feel the pressure to heighten delivery reliability will often have the urge to add more “safety time” to their planning. This, however, is a pitfall that sets a negative spiral in motion.

How menzing reduces
time to market

How Menzing reduces time-to-market

Once you have a clear vision about your new machine, there’s no time to lose. As time is literally money in that case. Every day of delay in the market means loss of revenue and increases the risk of your competitor being ahead of you. It is entirely logical that the ‘time-to-market’ is essential for you. Of course you want to be meticulous and speed shouldn’t be at the expense of the quality of the delivered end-product, but at the same time; not another moment should be lost.

How we reached out with SafetyKleen

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Scott Ronald is Group Product Manager at SafetyKleen; a specialist provider of mechanical parts cleaners. Safetykleen’s unique service offer combines parts washing equipment, scheduled services, speciality chemicals and industrial waste collection. We meet Scott Ronald at SafetyKleen in Brentford, just West of London and had in fact only one question: Why did this World’s leading provider of surface treatment & chemical application services choose Menzing for building machines?