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Each customer we work with has specific needs. In almost all cases, these are companies for whom the machine that we are producing does not belong to its primary business. For the manufacturer of cleaning agents, we develop the ultrasonic cleaning units, enabling them to provide a total cleaning concept. It is precisely these types of relationships that have a need for an experienced partner, which they find in Menzing. We strive for intensive cooperation together, to arrive at a successful design and a reliable serial production.

We develop strong relationships with all our customer, whereby each aspect of a product’s development is optimised to meet their needs. The combination of our wide-ranging experience, the fact that we have more than twenty different products in our assembly at the same time, and the power of our Menzing Production System, allows us to consistently provide reliable and efficient solutions. If required, we will establish contact between your organisation and one of our internationally-renowned and respected customers in the area relating to your question. On top of that, you can find a number of references listed on our website.

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Case study: Sieger

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Sieger has found a unique niche market: they offer drainage cleaners online. In that sense, the company totally focuses on the product specifications and marketing. The production of the unique drainage cleaners is fully controlled by Menzing, who also take care of secondary delivery of parts.

Case study: Safety Kleen

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Scott Ronald is Group Product Manager at SafetyKleen; a specialist provider of mechanical parts cleaners. Safetykleen’s unique service offer combines parts washing equipment, scheduled services, speciality chemicals and industrial waste collection.

Case study: Eaton

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Eaton is a leading producer of wide-ranging industrial products and belongs to the list of the 200 largest companies in the United States. Electrical is the largest of the company’s divisions. This division is one of the global leaders in the realm of systems and components for the control and distribution of electrical energy.