Machine engineering at Menzing

At Menzing, we understand that machine engineering is an essential, yet often complex challenge for many companies. Our approach is focused on completely relieving our clients in this process. We specialize in the serial production and assembly of complete machines (or parts thereof), where each step from design to realization is carried out with utmost care and precision.

Our experience and expertise not only guarantee top-quality machines but also provide an efficient and cost-saving approach. Choosing Menzing means selecting a partner committed to your product and business, with the assurance of a smooth, streamlined machine engineering process. This makes Menzing the ideal choice for companies looking for delivery reliability and quality in their machine engineering projects.

Why Menzing?

Menzing takes care, from contact with suppliers to the entire production chain. This allows you to focus on your core business and company.

We are in constant contact with our partners, where can we innovate together? How can we make the machines more reliable? These are just a few examples from our nearly weekly discussions with our partners.

To ensure that our machines and modules meet the requirements and expectations of partners, Menzing follows general steps such as actively collecting customer feedback, conducting market research, setting clear goals, implementing quality management processes, promoting a culture of continuous improvement, training employees, and utilizing appropriate technologies. The specific process varies by sector.

Furthermore, further development is very high on our agenda; in consultation with all stakeholders of our partners, we set our project managers and engineers to work to make your product even better in its properties with a possible focus on minimizing ecological footprint.

The machine engineering proces

The machine engineering process at Menzing is a thoughtful blend of innovation, precision, and customer focus. As a process director, we take responsibility for designing, developing, and delivering serially produced machines, modules, and devices.

The process begins with carefully establishing product requirements, followed by various design phases, including conceptual design and DFA (Design for Assembly). Throughout the development phase, methods such as product management, TCO analyses (Total Cost of Ownership), and sustainability evaluations are used, supplemented with in-house prototyping and extensive testing and validation protocols. The completion of the process involves setting up the supply chain for serial assembly, setting up tooling, and establishing assembly processes, with functional FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) as an essential component.

At Menzing, it is possible to join at any stage of the process, which is what makes Menzing special.

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