FAQ about our company

Which suppliers do you work with?

We are not going to present a list of our suppliers here. After all they are part of our company capital. But you should know that we have invested in a worldwide network of competent and reliable suppliers that produce in accordance with our quality standards. For each production we carefully choose the most suitable partner.

Which standards or certificates do you have?

We are fully ISO 9001 certified since 26 January 2009, extended to 9001:2015 on 25 January 2021, this is our certification.

In what way do you guarantee delivery times?

Sometimes the demand suddenly differs positively from the forecast revenue. Menzing is aware of that. That is why they are in constant contact with their suppliers, so a quick scale-up can be done. Maybe even more important: Menzing doesn’t think twice about their own stocks. The modern motto: JIT and in addition empty warehouses in practice often results in stagnation of delivery. That is what Menzing is trying to prevent at all times.

Do you provide any service after delivery of the machines?

Certainly that is possible and it often so happens. The intention is to relief the customer as much as possible. Therefore you can choose from our SLA’s on different levels.

FAQ about our solutions & products

How swiftly can you deliver a new product?

We will do everything to realise a short ‘time to market’. Our entire organisation is equipped for this purpose. We are able to run the process towards the first machine in less than six months. This is related to our own speed and efficiency, but also to the network of suppliers, that we deploy for the development of the prototype and the eventual production of parts. Our own assembly can be scaled-up rapidly, in this way we prefend any bottle necks.

What are the costs for designing a new product?

This question is difficult to answer. Costs, after all, depend on a variety of different factors. That is why we always compile an explicit package of wishes and demands for the desired product in cooperation with the customer. As soon as we have a clear picture of the end-product, we can state the design costs.

Are you capable of only mechanical design?

No, within Menzing we have the know-how and capacity to ensure design, the mechanical design, as well as the control interface for the desired product. As such, we are capable of creating an entire product design. Particularly due to the fact that we must first realise a serial production, we guarantee that the (production) technical feasibility of the design is well thought out.

Which products can you design and deliver?

We specialise in machines which can be produced in series. Series of 50 units or (a lot) more are feasible. We work for all sectors. Menzing has already developed machines for agriculture, industry, construction and the energy sector, to give some examples. We don’t build huge/heavy machinery and don’t develop project-specific solutions.

To which countries do you export your products?

So far, we have predominantly delivered our products to European countries and some to the U.S.A. and African countries. We mostly think in terms of opportunity.

How fast can you deliver a prototype?

We often collaborate with entirely different companies than the companies we structure the subsequent serial productions with. We have short lines and companies that can quickly respond to our specific demands. In practice we often present a prototype within a few months already. This obviously depends on the package of wishes and demands that we design together.

I have an idea for a new product. Can you support the production and introduction?

Absolutely. We, at Menzing, have a standard process structure for the development and subsequent marketing of new products. If you ensure the buyers, Menzing will ensure the products.

I have already made a design for a machine. Can you also only support the production?

Menzing has the expertise and the tools to make a design suitable for production. In addition we have a network of renowned suppliers to subsequently find the right supplier for each specific part. This can be done for smaller series, but also for truly large ones.

I already have a party for production, can you also support the design only?

Menzing is not merely a design agency. Our strength lies in the integration of design and production and our revenue model is therefore based on a combination of both. So, no, merely production design is not done by us.

Are your products CE-compliant?

Obviously. This is a standard-aspect that is included throughout the design process.

Do you have the product-specific know-how to design my machine?

Our knowledge from various market segments includes broad knowledge of different technologies. In addition, we have a clear process of designing and validating of new products, guaranteeing success as practice has demonstrated.

Why are your machines better than an OEM-solution?

When you choose an OEM-supplier machine, you want the machine that best fits your wishes and demands. In practice you will always need to make a compromise on one or two points. A standard solution will never suffice. Menzing starts with your request. Not with the solutions. We develop machines specifically for your use creating a 100% match.

Which volumes can you handle in terms of production capacity?

Menzing can scale-up relatively easily. After all we make use of an extensive supplier network, having two or more suppliers at our disposal for almost any part. At each of our suppliers, we can request the capacity to be extended or make use of even more suppliers. Our own assembly facility subsequently requires little product-specific knowledge. That is why we as well, can increase the production capacity.

Which production techniques can you make use of?

We are not tied to own machinery, but we can make use of all techniques available in our extensive network. We always view critically whether they use proven techniques. We want to be absolutely innovative, however never at the expense of (supply) reliability.

What is the minimum order?

We deliver series from 50 units.

Is a customised solution a lot more expensive than an OEM-solution?

In reality that appears not to be the case. On the contrary. As Menzing does not have their own means of production, we are free in choosing the technological solution and associated production method. Subsequently we can choose the partner from our supplier’s network, which best fits with the technology and the requested numbers. Customised products are as such made by customised production, which almost always guarantees a much better price.

How can I be sure that the quality of the machines is guaranteed?

Menzing’s own process meets the highest quality demands. In addition all products are tested at our location before they are sent out.

Do you only produce complete machines?

In addition to entire machines, we also produce modules for your own machines. In that sense we are flexible as well.

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