The power of collaboration


The power of collaboration

Menzing believes in cooperation. Nobody can be the best in everything, so that's why you have to let the best in each area work together to achieve an optimal result. It is in our nature you say. It is “nature” we say too. Last summer, or should we say winter because we were in the Southern Hemisphere, we went through the rugged nature of Botswana. That is waking up with an elephant next to your tent or lying awake because of the freeing of hyenas. In the early morning we met a large group of spotted dogs. No bigger than a shepherd dog and very agile. Wild dogs, we learned from another holidaymaker and we looked for the dog in our 'Mammals of Soutern Africa'. There we read that this dog could be the 'pet' of Menzing. Because ...

Big lions often have trouble with hunting. The attack fails in about 5 out of 6 cases. In short, size is certainly no guarantee of success. Collaboration is! The hunting of wild dogs happens with up to 19 animals at the same time. Determined, they run down on a herd of huge buffalo, choose their victim and exhaust it. The chase can sometimes take up to 2.5 kilometers. The great strength of these relatively small dogs is that they know the sea and perfect cooperation. Under the guidance of an alpha-female there is hunted where everyone has his job. As a result, the small dogs (weighing only 22 kilos) are able to kill an African buffalo (about 600 kilos). Where the lion has a success ratio of 20%, this cooperating dog comes to 75%. That has everything to do with the unique cooperation. The work is divided and everyone does what he or she is good at. Even the dogs injured during a hunt are given a task. They guard the crèche with the young stuff, while the alpha-female (who is the only boy) is already hunting again.


The format does not matter; the cooperation does. Menzing knows that. We are masters in the cooperation. We know how to bring parties together, each with their own expertise. In this way we are pursuing … success for our customers.

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