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Sieger totally relies on Menzing for its production

The Sieger company has found a unique niche market: they offer drainage cleaners online. In that sense, the company totally focuses on the product specifications and marketing. The production of the unique drainage cleaners is fully controlled by Menzing, who also take care of secondary delivery of parts. A conversation with the Sieger management about the unique collaboration.

“As a result of climate change, drainage within agriculture has become increasingly important. Since rain showers are becoming more and more torrential, there’s a risk of flooded fields. Good drainage may increase the yields and ensures that plots are always accessible. The weather stations’ statistics show that the number of months with over 100 millimetres of precipitation has doubled over the last century. Each year there is more precipitation. We also find that the area of agricultural land containing drainage pipes is growing exponentially. As such, the maintenance of these pipes has become a market and we want to be the leader in that market”, says the Sieger management.

As soon as it became clear to Sieger what the market was like and which machines could be successful in cleaning drainage pipes, they didn’t want to waste any time. This was a new market and a rapid market introduction was an adequate first step towards the market leader position the company is going for. Sieger opted for Menzing, as this company indicated that within several months it could deliver a productive prototype. “Several technologies were used for our drainage cleaner. 500 metres of hose must be rolled up, but the machine also contains hydraulic engines and a very powerful water pump. Menzing managed to come up with a design very soon and with a prototype a few months afterwards, which we were able to test extensively.”

It’s precisely the result of drainage becoming increasingly more important, that the market has a lot of potential. However Sieger chooses to make use of internet sales only, in this conservative market, which made sales forecasts hard to carry out. Sieger therefore asked Menzing to organise production in such a way that scaling-up could be done at lightning speed. Moreover Sieger promises farmers that shipment will take place within 24 hours. Menzing managed to realise this by making a fully modular design for the drainage cleaners and seek several suppliers for each module. In case of increasing demand, multiple suppliers can be chosen from and each of them can be asked to increase their capacity. Due to strategic choices while opting for suppliers, also seasonal influences can be taken into account.

In addition, Menzing keeps stock of parts and can easily scale-up its assembly capacity in the Czech Republic, which appeared to be necessary. During the first two years, the demand for drainage cleaners exceeded all expectations. Meanwhile Menzing took care of all secondary deliveries of Drain-Jet parts from frames, jibs and hose drives, guide arms, nozzles, water work to pumps, suction hose, hydraulics and hoses. All of these parts were also offered online. “Together with Menzing we keep on innovating. Currently, the Menzing designers are considering whether the nozzles can still be improved.”

Sieger is clear: “These are questions one cannot pass on to an OEM-business, as they are incapable of combining all these technologies and they can certainly not offer the flexibility we are looking for. With our new machine, we wanted to open new markets and, as such, we chose new ways of production. Ultimately, 7 months after we stated our wishes and demands, we could deliver the first Drain-Jet, which is unique”.

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