How Menzing reduces time-to-market…


How Menzing reduces time-to-market…

Once you have a clear vision about your new machine, there’s no time to lose.
As time is literally money in that case. Every day of delay in the market means loss of revenue and increases the risk of your competitor being ahead of you. It is entirely logical that the ‘time-to-market’ is essential for you.

Of course you want to be meticulous and speed shouldn’t be at the expense of the quality of the delivered end-product, but at the same time; not another moment should be lost. Menzing is aware of that. They have organised their production development and production in such a way that in many cases up to 50% reduction of ‘time-to-market’ can be realised, without making concession to the quality. On the contrary.

Short lines

Much of the production process today takes place in countries with low labour costs. Thereby the long lines are being taken for granted. This also applies for the Menzing production of parts. It makes these companies unsuitable for the production of prototypes. Even more: basically they are not production companies. They are simply not equipped for the production of unique products. That is why Menzing always uses a two-track principle for realising their prototypes. They have companies in the direct vicinity that are fully equipped for the production of prototypes. These are premium quality, extremely flexible and the lines are short, the latter of which is essential in this stage of the development.

Two tracks

Even while the prototype is being developed, Menzing contacts the suppliers of parts, who must later on supply the serial production. For every part, two or more suppliers are selected, based on quality, availability, price and supply reliability. They are ready at the time when the prototype has passed every test. This Menzing two-track policy ensures that the time-to-market can be shortened substantially. Delivery after only six months surely is no exception.

Choice of techniques

Particularly because Menzing is not tied to an own machine park for the production, they can choose from different techniques and suppliers. These choices could reduce the processing time of the market introduction as well. Should techniques appear to be time consuming or, for instance limited, then Menzing can effortlessly choose a technical solution without these issues. That is another way of saving time.


Menzing have their own designers who can see to the design, the mechanical draft as well as the control interface. These designers however, are part of a team that is responsible for the entire production. Due to strong interaction within the team, even during the design phase, the fact that Menzing will carry out the production, is expressly taken into account. This guarantees feasibility and ensures that after the prototype no delay will take place when production is to commence.

Typically Menzing

In fact, the process described here is typical for the entire Menzing work method: select the right parties and have them do what they are extremely good at. Being Menzing, direct the process and safeguard the quality. Allow the prototype builder to focus mainly on prototypes and the serial builder on the series. That is the philosophy which results in Menzing being able to realise an unprecedented time-to-market.

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