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Wim Hoekstra, procurement engineer at Eaton:

“Menzing is really good at purchasing and assembling compound parts”

Eaton is a leading producer of wide-ranging industrial products and belongs to the list of the 200 largest companies in the United States. Electrical is the largest of the company’s divisions.

Wim Hoekstra

This division is one of the global leaders in the realm of systems and components for the control and distribution of electrical energy. Eaton Industries (Netherlands) BV can be found, amongst other places, in Hengelo. It has been active for more than 100 years in the field of electrical energy technology and has been working together with Menzing for a decade. Regarding the latter, we are talking to procurement engineer Wim Hoekstra. He indicates that Menzing does not supply entire machines to Eaton, as it does for many other relations, but rather, compound parts. “For our medium-voltage switching system, PowerXpert FMX, we purchase many parts from large parties around the globe. We’re very good at this. However, it becomes more difficult for us if we have to construct compound parts. This is due to the large diversity involved in this, including maintaining relationships with all parties involved. This is what Menzing excels at.”

Hoekstra states that the design of the involved parts comes from Eaton, but that this design is additionally tested in terms of producibility by Menzing. “Once the design has crystallised, Menzing takes over from us. They have a network and they possess the right techniques to efficiently produce these compound parts. On top of that, they are good at managing and maintaining the relationships with the large diversity of suppliers involved in this. Menzing themselves indicate that they consider delivery reliability to be a major component of their service. This is reflected in our relationship. The reliability is high, and if problems do arise, they are always adequately solved. This is important. Following this, five years ago, we again turned to Menzing; this time to involve them in the production of the compound parts for Xiria, our environmentally friendly transfer system for ring-circuit stations.”

Speediness is required in the production phase of these. “This is why I find it very pleasant that Menzing is only a quarter of an hour drive from here. This short distance results in short lines of communication. Of course, you can also cooperate with a party further away, but this is much smoother. You can sit the engineers at a table together and quickly take considerable steps forward. This is how it also went for the parts of the FMX and Xiria that Menzing is now creating for us.”

Eaton has the slogan “powering business worldwide” under its logo. Menzing is proud that it can contribute its power to this.

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