A difficult customer …


A difficult customer ...

Division director Dennis Gähler of security company Securitas went undercover in his own company for a week as re-entrant Derk Visser. This happens much more often in the United States and England. Now Dutch directors also have to go. Gähler learned a lot from this: ``It gave me a lot of energy. It is wonderful to be active again in the operational department and in this way to get in touch with the people in your organization. ``In addition, the director saw that much of what was decided at the top was indeed implemented and that made him agree very satisfied.

You can go one step further and become a customer at your own company. Recently I spoke to the director of a large company in locks and door fittings that had phoned to their own premises under a false name and with a slightly twisted voice to ask whether all locks could be replaced at the level of certification. She went through the entire process with the house and address of her mother and could see with her own eyes how the quotation process is progressing, the job was done, problems were solved and the invoice was received. That was instructive and as a result of her experiences, many things have changed within the company.

Anyone who is serious about the quality of his business should occasionally become a customer. Pay tribute to this entrepreneur and the beer brewer who is going to taste blind, the bank manager who is applying for a mortgage and the butcher who approves his own meat (by putting it on the table). Menzing has also learned a lot about product development and production processes by becoming a customer of their own company. In addition, we did not go with a slab mustache undercover, but we have established companies that bring products to the market that have potential. Such as, for example, Hebemann, a German-sounding company that markets a revolutionary new oil skimmer for metal cutters.

With Hebemann we have gone through the entire process, as every Menzing customer goes through. From design to production. This not only resulted in a very good product, for which a large market appears to exist, but it has also taught us things about our own company. Based on this, we have been able to further improve the design process, communication, calculation, purchasing and assembly.

Menzing wants to develop, direct the supply chain and take care of the assembly and claims that this will lead to better and cheaper products. The new ‘oil skimmer’ is a wonderful example of this. The demand for the product is increasing in such a way that another claim from Menzing: ‘flexibility in production that can easily be scaled up’ can be put once more to the test. We learn from it and in the meantime we ourselves are reaping the benefits of well-considered product development. As a result, Hebemann is now much more than a good test of its own company.

The conclusion of all this can not be other than: become a customer of yourself once and become a customer of Menzing. It will reduce the cost price by at least 20% and bring the delivery reliability to (almost) 100%. We have experienced it ourselves …

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