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new manufacturing makes a big difference

Menzing manufacture their machinery in a different way. In an entirely different way. Their philosophy is about designing and assembly and explicitly not about producing. You won't find any machine park at Menzing in Haaksbergen or in the Czech Republic as there is none. This was a very deliberate decision. Operational Manager Martijn Geerdink is happy to explain about that decision and tells us that it about shorter time-to-market, flexibility and cost control. Menzing has managed to make the fixed costs within the production process variable.

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how to solve day by day deliverability issues

The market is continuously confronted with the delivery reliability of the OEM. On the one hand, this is because there is an enormous lack of flexibility in the sector, which is fed by resources that are, by definition, limited. On top of that, schedules are rarely met. Planners in the OEM who feel the pressure to heighten delivery reliability will often have the urge to add more “safety time” to their planning. This, however, is a pitfall that sets a negative spiral in motion.

The power of collaboration

The Power Of Collaboration

Big lions often have trouble with hunting. The attack fails in about 5 out of 6 cases. In short, size is certainly no guarantee of success. Collaboration is! The hunting of wild dogs happens with up to 19 animals at the same time. Determined, they run down on a herd…

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Three times three D

Three Times Three D

Many people have a rather stereotypical image of 3D printing and see a printer produce a piece of complicated plastic. But there is now much more possible, such as stereo lithography, binder jetting, laser melting, fused deposition modeling or laser cladding. All these techniques have their own possibilities and their…

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A difficult customer …

A Difficult Customer …

You can go one step further and become a customer at your own company. Recently I spoke to the director of a large company in locks and door fittings that had phoned to their own premises under a false name and with a slightly twisted voice to ask whether all…

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