Want to bring a new product rapidly?


Decrease manufacturing costs by 20 percent

Menzing produces machines differently. We adhere to a philosophy of designing and assembling products, but, expressly, don’t want to produce them ourselves. This process occurs through a network of reliable suppliers. In this way, Menzing can significantly shorten the “time to market”, reduce end costs by more than 20 percent. Are you curious in our approach, see our infographic and our different view on the world of OEM.


Product Design masterclass: this is how we do it

Designing starts with listening. That’s how Menzing feels. After all, Menzing does not create products from an existing machine or an existing production park to meet your demands. The thinking is done reversely. Your wishes concerning a machine are leading, to which Menzing finds the appropriate design, the right production technologies and subsequently the right producers for parts within its worldwide network.

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